Friday, 7 November 2014

I survived...

So, its Friday night and im sat snuggly ay home on the sofa with little Ralfy sat to my right, Lucy on the other sofa and Gogglebox on the box - and I feel good.
Its been a tough week, just for a change.  I got to the hospital on time on Wednesday to have my portacath fitted.  I got weighed and blood pressure done etc, then back to my seat to wait for a bit longer.  then I was invited into another room to get changed, the nurse asked where my slippers and dressing gown were!  What? Nobody mentioned them, nobody told me I had to bring them, should i have known? I suppose I should have really, but id spent the last week putting the whole thing out of my head, not planning it with military precision.  Oh well, too late now!  So, to cut a long story short, the op went well and I got home about 4ish, very tired and very sore.
Then it was up again on Thursday to be at the hospital again for 10am.  Today my chemo buddy is Jenny, we met when our boys went to pre school together and have been besties since.  We used to run together in our heyday! in one year we completed 3 half marathons together and look bloody fabulous! Chemo could not have gone smoother than it did, we went in on time, the nurses were very excited abut my Portacath, its a top of the range apparently, that I should be very honoured to have, which obviously I am! By the time we had had the discussion of whether we should do Nandos or Pizza hut for lunch, then the nurse shared with us all the best places in Coventry and Southport to get cheesecakes, chemo was done, just like that.  So easy, so comfortable and actually as pleasant as the whole thing could really be.  That chemo suite really does have something special.  Its nearly six years since I had my first chemo there and I think all the nurses that are there now, were there then, which to me speaks volumes.  In all of the appointments ive had at UHCW, I have never had a bad experience, never spoken to someone who doesn't want to help.  My oncologist is just amazing and my MacMillan Nurse Shelia as just great, so kind and compassionate and so helpful.  they really do make this awful experience manageable.  Oh, and by the way, Nandos and Pizza Hut both lost out to a lovely local tearooms in Dunchurch called The Nook.  if you've never been, you need to!
Weve not got much planned for the weekend, a nice quiet one, hopefully that way by Monday I will be back to normal energy levels etc ready for my chemo free week. These are the weeks we have to make the most of.
Well, im unsually short of words tonight, maybe my bed is calling. So I will enter the weekend knowing that I am one cycle down on this latest Chemo journey and hopefully only 5 to go...that will be done before we know it.
Have a good weekend all.

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